Who Can Be Benefited from the Complete Digital Marketing Course and Training?

Our corporate training program is designed for each and every individual of an organization, regardless of their position and job description. Smartphones, social media, and Google ARE the digital age. Their requirements can pose a challenge for today’s’ professionals – be it a salesperson, marketing professional, project manager, or even the top-level manager. Therefore, the only key for a successful digital revolution is focusing on people and work culture.

Beneficiaries of our courses can be:

  • Sales and marketing team
  • PR and communication executives
  • Branding and advertising team
  • CRM team
  • CxO titles
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Customer support teams

Your Organization should Go where the World is Going!

Innovation and Ideation should be a part of your organizational culture. Digital marketing is the current innovation. In order to meet consumer demands, your organization as a whole must boost its digital capabilities and gain precedence over competition.

Arm your Team with the Best Marketing Tool – Empower Your Team in Digital Marketing

DMIM advanced digital marketing course in Gwalior offers comprehensive, tailored, and global digital marketing training for teams across all spheres of the corporate world. Our training allows corporates to make effective use of digital media, polish their internet marketing skills, and take charge of the multi-faceted digital realm.

Highlights of the offered Advanced Digital Marketing
Course in Gwalior

Audio and Video Sessions

Real-time Case Studies

Taught by Subject Matter Experts

E-materials, Assignments, and Study Guides provided

Google, GoogleAds and HubSpot Certifications

WhatsApp Groups for doubt clarification and instant support

Add-on Sessions if required

Self-assessment Tests

From a Novice to an Expert, We Complete
Your Journey – Why Choose Us?

You can be a professional in a matter of a few weeks.

  • Our training program is designed by competent digital marketing experts having 10+ years’ experience.
  • We provide customized course based on corporate requirements.
  • We arm staffs with the latest marketing techniques, tools, and strategies as a way to progress towards digital transformation.
  • You get complete support in a variety of ways – in the form of insights, engagement, awareness sessions, and growth opportunities.
  • You get complete support in a variety of ways – in the form of insights, engagement, awareness sessions, and growth opportunities.
  • Our training program is accredited by leading brands, such as Google.
  • All our courses are duly validated with professional certifications.

How Do We Provide Training?

Our comprehensive training program comprises of inbound marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, SMM, online reputation and web analytics. We also offer several other certification courses.
  • We identify gaps in skill and compare your organization against industry and competitors.
  • We then personalize a learning solution suitable for your staff. We train your staffs through different certifications that are required for your business.
  • You get to track your learning progress.
  • After training, we validate the skills with relevant certification.
  • We ensure your workforce stay up to date with ongoing upgrades and workshops.

Study at a professional Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi. For Corporate Training, please reach our Training Cell at +91 – 7551122220 or mail us at info@dmim.in

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