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Top Digital Marketing Certifications in India

As a digital marketing professional, you must stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends. All digital marketing certifications from a reputed internet marketing institute in Gwalior is perhaps the best way to keep yourself informed and educated. If you think certification is not important then here’s what you need to know: every year Google algorithm releases 500+ updates. Which means, what you learned and applied in 2019 will not derive similar results in 2020. Google algorithms set new parameters for digital marketing, and certification and training is the only way to boost your resume and give you an edge over your competition. 

Many institutes provide the best digital marketing certifications in Gwalior. However, you must choose the one that is right for you and which will enhance your job profile. We have shortlisted top digital marketing certification courses that have proven beneficial for all marketing professions. You can choose one or more that suit your job description and career pathway the best.

Google AdWords

This certification course will help candidates learn about digital advertising, its features, and functionalities. Ad placement is an important part of digital marketing. For every dollar spent on an ad, businesses can earn up to $3 per click. Therefore, if you want to help your clients boost their marketing ROI while you earn a good income in return, Google Ads certification course from DMIM should be your 2020 goal. Contact the institution to learn about the AdWords certification examinations.

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot Content Marketing Certification is a three and a half hour course that trains candidates on various aspects of content marketing and creation, such as content ideation, storytelling, content promotion, analyzation, and content repurposing. So, if your job is content strategizing or if you are a content developer, this certification shall help you immensely. 

Social Media Marketing Certification

DMIM offers comprehensive social media marketing certification courses for aspirers and social media marketing professionals. The course is very helpful when you get into social media promotions, branding, and advertising fully-fledged. The institution offers basic to advanced social media courses and certifications, which include social media optimization, social media strategies, and social media ad campaigns.

Google Web Analytics Individual Qualification Certification

Google Web Analytics, along with Google Ads certification can boost your resume in a manifold and help you stand out in your job interview. Furthermore, the certifications will help you build trust with your clients and validate your expertise in digital marketing. Google certifications are the most preferred credentials that company recruiters actively seek in job candidates’ resumes, as they are originated from the global company itself and not by any university or institution. However, reputed digital marketing institutions can help you prepare for the examinations. 

Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click Marketing

SEO, SEM, and PPC are foundational in digital marketing activities. They should be applied for business development on the internet, for gaining online market via ads and generating organic traffic. However, trends in these three activities keep changing and upgrading, and if you wish to move along with the trends, you must complete a certification course in these digital marketing branches.  

DMIM is one of the leading internet marketing institutes in Gwalior that offers part-time, full-time, and weekend certification courses for professionals, aspirers, job seekers, corporates, and homemakers. Look up their website to gain more information regarding the courses and active workshop schedules. 

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