Best Digital Marketing Careers that Pay Well (Learn Part-time and Earn More)

Best Digital marketing Careers is definitely going to shine in 2019 and henceforward. 2019 just wrapped its first half and if you are a fresher or just started your college, this year can be lucky if you enroll in trending skill-based programs, more specifically, Digital Marketing.

Whoever uses the internet knows that digital marketing is booming and is one of the fastest growing industries of the decade. Digital marketing is referred to as the amalgamation of various online marketing strategies that help companies promote their businesses, brands, and products and services through internet mediums.

In fact, in a matter of 5 minutes, you can target millions of niche customers across the world – digital marketing is that powerful.

Everything that catches your attention on the internet, right from your favorite actor talking about her skincare routine to the emails you receive from Amazon and Flipkart to the viral videos, such as the trending hashtag BottleCapChallenge currently streaming now, is part of successful digital marketing strategies.

So, imagine what you can do and how well you can earn if you are the brain behind one of these genius strategies? Unimaginable right? Well actually, let us tell you, it is lakhs of money and global credibility. Digital marketing Careers is winning across the world. If you choose a career in digital marketing, you can win hearts and fill your bank account too, both sumptuously.

Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple, but not obvious – you own a smartphone, you are on Facebook and Instagram at least for 1/4th of your waking hours a day, and your buying pattern has surprisingly turned digital after the convenience of e-stores. Companies’ digital marketing strategies brought you to them, your digital marketing solutions will bring your customers to you in this age and time where internet is the kingdom and smartphone (or any other similar device) is the king.

The number of online users is increasing by the day, which leaves brands with no choice but spends time on online marketing strategies to target their audiences. While some reluctantly spend, others proactively become involved. But the trick here is knowledge and expertise. The ones who are reluctant, if they learn more about internet marketing and its nuances, they wouldn’t be reluctant anymore. They’d rather invest money and hire best digital marketing experts to work for them.

Few of the biggest online marketing industries are E-commerce, telecom, FMCG, and BFSI.

Largest Digital Ad formats, Social media take 28%, Search engines take 26%, and Videos take approximately 19% of the digital space.

So, in order to develop online strategies, brands of all sizes are frantically looking for skilled digital marketers who can achieve their required sales target and promote better customer relationship. What we are trying to tell you is that companies need people like you to fulfill their digital marketing goals.

Best Digital Marketing Jobs That Pay Extremely Well

All of these jobs can be taken up freshers and existing professionals if they go through comprehensive or specific digital marketing courses in gwalior available on weekends or part-time.

Digital Marketer

Large companies, both retail as well as online, are looking to employ professionals who can promote their brand, create brand identity, and convert leads into sales through digital mediums. Digital marketers can expect an average salary of around $60,000 p.a. from a reputable company based on their skills and job requirement. Some of the sub-categories of digital marketing are PPC, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, and e-commerce.

Content Manager

Content management affects all levels of marketing and thus plays a central role in digital marketing teams. The role of the content manager involves creating SEO friendly content, understanding and executing content plans, managing social media activities, and writing articles to influence readers. Blogger outreach and influencer marketing can also be part of content management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. If you have a solid SEO technical knowledge and you know how to combine it with digital marketing, you will be one of the highest earners in this field. However, SEO is very difficult to specialize in and you must stay up-to-date to help businesses rank high in SERPs. You will be an asset for companies that sell online, such as e-commerce sites and those that rely on the high internet traffic for conversions and ROI. The demand for SEO experts is not going to come down, nor will its salary structure. So, this is a golden time to learn SEO and SEM, be deemed as an expert, and gain a strong foothold in this industry.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is a part of content management, which has its own strong legacy and persona for being the biggest and oldest digital marketing medium. You have to be well-versed in general digital marketing, editing, and copywriting to earn a job as an email marketer. You may also require having strong communication skill and involve in producing campaigns, launches, and PR activities.

Brand Marketer

Marketing is not anymore about features of a product and services. It is more about how well those features can connect with the right customers, at the right time and place, using the right mode of communication. Brand marketers must evoke emotions to generate brand loyalty and awareness. You must have a creative streak instilled within you for producing innovative narratives, in written, audio, and video formats, to pursue audiences and make them loyal, lasting brand advocates. Brand marketers are one of the highest paying digital marketing professionals currently.

Apart from these prominent and high-paying jobs, other digital marketing professions that you can pursue after going through a certification course include e-commerce specialist, channel marketing, ad director, digital media manager, graphic designer, product marketer, website developer, and web application developer.

The best part about learning Digital marketing Careers is that you can gain knowledge even when you are pursuing another career. A digital marketing Course in Gwalior can make your transition from your existing career to any of the above career paths rather smooth and cost-effective.

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